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Accessibility Statement

Property Maintenance (LEEDS) Ltd is committed to making the information it publishes accessible to the largest number of users possible. We have attempted to do this through:


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Offsite Visit

At Property Maintenance (LEEDS) Ltd we recognise that many disabled customers have individual needs when making use of and purchasing our goods and services.

Property Maintenance (LEEDS) Ltd will glady visit you at location to discuss any requirements of our services or products.

As part of our ongoing commitment to delighting our customers, Property Maintenance (LEEDS) Ltd will endeavour to ensure that all disabled customers receive the same high standards of service as our able bodied customers. 

Please Telephone 0113 279 7101for all enquiries relating to disability needs.


Adobe Acrobat and PDF documents

In some areas of our site we use Portable Data Format (PDF) documents to present the information. This is a recognised web format which can be read using software freely available here:

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If you believe that Property Maintenance (LEEDS) Ltd can improve the accessibility of the information it publishes please contact us (our contact details can be found here).